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  1. The General Council on Finance and Administration board unanimously approved new pay ranges for agency staff, despite objections of agency top executives.
  2. Board of Higher Education and Ministry gathers United Methodist bishops, seminary scholars for discussion of God’s mission for the church
  3. More than 400 people participated in a conference that emphasized The United Methodist Church’s strengths despite its differences over LGBTQ issues.
  4. United Methodists need to educate themselves, others to become faithful advocates for peacebuilding.
  5. Classes were held as usual at Africa University on Nov. 15 while United Methodists prayed for their country as the military took control in Zimbabwe.
  6. Popular MASTERPIECE drama set in 18th century Cornwall, England, shows how Methodism renewed heartfelt faith.
  7. Camps for survivors of August mudslides, flooding in Sierra Leone will close Nov. 15.
  8. “Bugsy” Barnoski sees himself in the young people at Oklahoma’s Rougher Alternative Academy. He’s made it his mission to help them find their purpose and embrace their Native heritage.
  9. As the church’s debate about its future intensifies, bishops say they are hearing of increased animosity leading in some cases to disrupted worship.
  10. Today more than ever, The United Methodist Church and society in general need professional news reporting.
  11. Massacre at Baptist church prompts United Methodist churches to seek active shooter training.
  12. The bishops are looking at three possibilities of LGBTQ inclusion sketched by the Commission on Way Forward.
  13. Video takes you into Honduras and Guatemala where the Methodist church provides much-needed support amidst violence and poverty.
  14. A United Methodist church in Bremen, Germany, that welcomed refugees and migrants has found blessing and new life through the work.
  15. In advance of Global Migration Sunday Dec. 3, Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño of the California-Nevada Conference shares her experiences with migrants.
  16. The Upper Room and the Wisconsin Conference host Indian bishops at Academy for Spiritual Formation.
  17. Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Village, a church-supported home for orphans, now has $35,000 worth of solar-powered electricity.
  18. The bishops shared their faith that God can make it possible for the church to stay together despite deep divisions over homosexuality.
  19. Churches reach out in various ways to Texas Baptist church after mass shooting.
  20. United Methodist mission fund aids European ministries, including a Roma church in Hungary.
  21. Churches in Germany are providing sanctuary, classes and programs — outreach benefiting the churches, not just refugees and migrants.
  22. Bishop Ortiz told the Council of Bishops about the ways United Methodists are already helping the people of the U.S. territory.
  23. Bishop Samuel J. Quire Jr., urges voter participation and a commitment to nonviolence in country with history of civil war.
  24. United Methodist clergy offer counsel and organize special services after 26 are killed at small-town Texas Baptist church.
  25. As delegation arrives at U.N. conference, four United Methodist leaders ask nations to strengthen their commitments on climate goals.