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  1. The Rev. Félix Medina, his family and community, celebrate beginning of new church.
  2. The Uniting Methodists Movement seeks to give voice to those who think differences around homosexuality should not divide church.
  3. The United Methodist New York and Northern Illinois bishops and their cabinets find solidarity, support and helpful ideas at a first joint session together.
  4. United Methodists hope to bridge divisions ahead of second presidential election.
  5. New network aims to provide mentoring for future African-American leaders in the denomination.
  6. The Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell explains why Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston opened its doors to displaced residents. “There was no doubt in our minds.”
  7. Filipino United Methodists provided relief to wounded soldiers and people displaced because of violent conflicts.
  8. How much should church agencies save for a rainy day? A new task force is looking at that question.
  9. Bishop Kenneth H. Carter visited and prayed with people who were in the path of Hurricane Irma.
  10. United Methodist Commission on Status and Role of Women needs responses from clergy, laity to update data from 2005.
  11. Bishop expresses pride but also tells volunteers to pace themselves and ʽfind time for Sabbath.’
  12. The Rev. José Roberto Peña, a United Methodist pastor, has been preaching every Friday through an intercom for the past three years.
  13. “When I don’t come, (workers) ask me, ‘Why? We need you to bring the Christian message.’”
  14. Founded in 1999, the home has cared for, educated and given love to Nigerian children with no parents.
  15. From Georgia and the Carolinas to islands in the Caribbean, United Methodists and Methodists are among those dealing with the hurricane and tropical storm.
  16. United Methodists rally to help survivors of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma cleanup.
  17. Bishop Gabriel Yemba Unda has been elected moderator of Eglise du Christ au Congo, a Protestant ecumenical group of 95 denominations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  18. As Hurricane Irma continued its meandering path from the Caribbean to the Southeastern U.S., United Methodists provided shelter and prepared for relief work.
  19. United Methodists in southeast Texas continue to face big challenges from ruinous floods.
  20. From Florida to the Carolinas, conferences and churches in the hurricane’s projected path are taking precautions.
  21. The United Methodist Church in Sierra Leone has committed to a long-term presence to help mudslide and flood survivors.
  22. The Rev. Scott Moore of the Texas Conference recounts how obstacles that seemed insurmountable vanished in a series of events he says were beyond coincidence.
  23. The task force charged with determining how to carry out a General Conference 2016 plan for five new United Methodist bishops in Africa began considering ways to proceed.
  24. The 25-year-old killed in a fire worked at Ganta United Methodist Hospital in Liberia and served as an instructor at the nursing college of United Methodist University.
  25. United Methodist author apologizes when publisher’s review after earlier plagiarism concern shows other unattributed content.