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Jonathan George

From the Pastor:

Isaiah 25:1, “O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you, I will praise your name; for you have done wonderful things, plans formed of old, faithful and sure.”

Throughout the Scriptures God institutes times of feasting and celebration. He reveals to us our need to be thankful and our purpose to bring Him praise. What the prophet will always remain true because our God certainly has done wonderful things. He continues to do wonderful things in our lives today. In the daily grind and when the stressors of life seem to pile up that is hard to remember. Especially during November we can go from finishing up fall chores and getting candy ready for trick or treaters straight into hanging lights and buying gifts in preparation for Christmas. The number of things that we think we need to do can easily take the forefront of our minds away to the very thing that we were created to do.

We have been created to bring God glory and praise. He made all of us to find our greatest joy in Him and in that joy to overflow in praise and blessing toward Him. You were made to praise. In Ephesians 1:5-6 Paul writes that, “He destined us for adoption as His children through Jesus Christ . . . to the praise of His glorious grace.” Before the world was created it was God’s plan for us to praise. It is the fulfillment of your destiny and the purpose of your creation to bring God praise.

If we were made to bring God praise then we should really think about the amount of time we spend giving thanks and worshiping Him. George Barna is quoted in Terry Teykl’s book The Presence Based Church saying, “Worship is not meant to be simply a Sunday morning activity – it is not something you turn on at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday and switch off at noon, not to be worried about for the next 167 hours. Worship is meant to be a regular part of our daily existence.” 1 out of the 168 hours in a week is .6% of our time. Do we really have enough time in that .6% to be able to express all the wonderful things God has done for us?

Worship as Barna said needs to become part of our daily life. We need time to remember and reflect on the great works of our Father. Time to bask in the glory of the salvation we have been given and praise Jesus for His sacrifice that made it possible. Time to commune with God’s Holy Spirit and tell Him that we love Him because He first loved us. God made us to experience the joy of this salvation and proclaim our thanks and praise to Him for it. This season of the year is a great time to begin to invest more than .6% of life into praise. Let the joy of the Lord fill you so that you might have a life full of joy in Christ and overflowing in the praises of God our Savior.

In Christ, Pastor Jon